Custom Made

We make bespoke bags, wallets and accessories to specific industrial needs so often, each product is completely unique.

Wolfram Lohr

At Wolfram Löhr we understand that everybody has particular needs for their bags and accessories, and we would like to give you the opportunity to discuss your needs with us. We will always try to accommodate our customers’ visions by customising products and working together with you to find the best solutions for your ideas.

Alternatively we can adapt existing product designs with a choice of leather, stitching colours and stitch detailing. Sizing can be altered on certain designs, for example our credit card wallets can be taller, or our bags can be wider to accommodate specific sizing requirements.

We can also personalise your Wolfram Löhr accessory with the embossing of letters.


From £30 an hour and upwards.

New designs

Quotations available, as every job is particular.


From £5 for names and initialling.

Wolfram Lohr

Handmade Leather Traveller Chess Set

Wolfram Lohr

Customised Leather Guitar Strap

Wolfram Lohr

Handmade Men's Shoe

Wolfram Lohr

Red Leather Satchel Bag

Wolfram Lohr

Made To Order Braces

Wolfram Lohr

Customised Wallet With Stitched Star